Buzzy, owner of Starlight Tattoo, grew up as a child in the tattoo industry with her mum Monique and mum's partner Steve both being tattooists. Monique was the organiser of the Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention for many years which gave them the opportunity to meet many great artists. Buzzy as a youngster spent most of her free time drawing and learning from some of these great tattoo artists that have stayed for visits. She also developed her own style and feels that there is no end to how much you can learn, as tattooing is always evolving with new trends and styles. She is very grateful to her mother for teaching her the art of cover ups and repairs and to Steve for being her technical mastermind behind the perfect setup of the tattoo machine.

She remembers when she was 11 years old her mother giving her the tattoo machine for the first time and told her to do a tattoo on a customer's chest. He didn't mind and everyone was happy and laughing about it. It was an experience that Buzzy never forgot. Later when she left school she started tattooing full time and has been tattooing ever since. First in Germany, and since 1998 in Auckland at Monique's Euro Tattoo and since 2014 at her own studio Starlight Tattoo.

So Buzzy says: Come on in, give us a visit and lets get some creative tattoos happening.

Atricle out of the Body Art International Magazine from 1996 showing a photo of Buzzy tattooing in Germany. This article was published when she was 17 years old. Among the things mentioned in the article are that she was the youngest professional working tattooist in Germany. And that she did her first tattoo when she was 11 years old.

An older NZ newspaper write-up about Buzzy's mother and tattoo mentor Monique.

Monique back then in Germany featured in the Skin & Ink Magazine.

Buzzy back in the year of 1996.


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