Auckland tattoo colour gallery

Colour Tattoo Gallery

Welcome to the colour tattoo gallery, where every design tells a unique story and vibrant hues come to life on skin.
Auckland's Starlight Tattoo Studio would like to greet you for an unforgettable tattoo experience, drifting away with the serenity of the ocean while you are getting tattooed, a journey of self-discovery and expression unlike any other.

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Floral thigh tattooWildflower tattoo on the thigh.

Tui tattooNew Zealand tui tattoo.

Japanese sleeve tattooCustom designed Japanese sleeve tattoo.

Space sleeveCustom designed space sleeve tattoo.

Space sleeveSpace sleeve tattoo (view from back).

Space sleeveSpace sleeve tattoo (view from front).

Magical muse tattooCustom designed mystical muse of love, beauty and magic.

Fire bird tattooFirebird tattoo.

Whole back tattooWhole back tattoo and view from the tattoo studio overlooking Auckland Muriwai beach.

Whole back tattooCustom designed whole back tattoo symbolising the elements.

Back piece tattooWhole back tattoo symbolising the elements.

NZ map and Monarch butterfly tattooNZ map tattoo in watercolour style.

Forget me nots tattooRealistic forget me not flower tattoo.

Mandala styleMandala tattoo with hanging beads.

Red roseBeautiful red rose tattoo.

Monarch butterflyShape changing monarch butterfly tattoo (See video section for in action).

Watercolor octopusWatercolor tattoo of an octopus.

Watercolor tattoo of a FantailWatercolor tattoo of a fantail.

Scottish and Maori mixScottish and Maori mixed tattoo.

Underbust tattooUnderbust tattoo.

Fantail and native plantsNew Zealand nature tattoo with a fantail and flowers.

Ocean tattooOcean tattoo with a orka killer whale.

Ocean tattooOcean tattoo with a sea turtle.

FlowersFlowers, lemons and chillies tattoo.

Watercolour tattoo of a treble clefWatercolour treble clef tattoo.

Watercolour tattooWatercolour tattoo with birds.

GeishaCustom designed realistic geisha tattoo.

Lion with flowers, boxing gloves and moreCustom designed rib tattoo with a lion's face and other designs with personal meaning.

Watercolour Marlin tattooWatercolour tattoo of a marlin.

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